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Beginners, welcome! Learn to dance

Bachata or Salsa 
in Los Angeles

Welcome to the Family

Come find your home at the Los Angeles Dance Academy


About the Los Angeles Bachata & Salsa Dance Academy

Explore the Los Angeles Bachata & Salsa Dance Academy! With expert Latin dance instructors, we offer dynamic group classes accommodating all ages and levels - beginners included. Join our inclusive community to immerse yourself in the world of dance. Seeking a personalized touch? Uncover private couple lessons, conveniently hosted in West LA. Let's embark on a rhythmic journey together- let's start dancing now!

2024 Bachata & Salsa Los Angeles Dance Programs

Full-time PROFESSIONAL dance instructors (not student or hobby instructors)

Free parking (unlimited)

Beginners welcome!

Program Information:


Salsa 101 is all about learning the basics. Good basics make good dancers. We're here to help you build a strong foundation from the very start. 

This program is a step-by-step course structured to be progressive and comprehensive. Over 10 weeks, you'll learn all the foundations you need to feel good about hitting the dance floor.  

You won't just be learning inside the studio; we'll also take you out dancing! 

Think you have two left feet? Not to worry, because this course is perfect for beginners. We promise that by the end of Salsa 101, you'll be dancing Salsa with confidence! 

Are you an experienced salsa dancer that needs a refresher? This course is for you too! Salsa 101 is perfect for revisiting those basics and cleaning up your dance. 

We've got a safe and friendly environment here. We take care of every student and make sure everyone feels at home. So, come on and join our dance family! 

Time: Sundays, 5:00-6:45 PM

Status: Open

Date: 8/12/2024 - 10/14/2024

Location: West Los Angeles

Price: $497 (~20 total hours. ~$25/hr). Contact us for early bird discounts.

Program Length: 10 Weeks

Instructor: Danny




1100 S Beverly Dr,

Los Angeles, CA 90035


Contact Los Angeles Bachata & Salsa Dance Academy

Call us at 844-478-2975 or send an email through the form below:

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